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Resort Guests find the SECURITY to be "REMARKABLE"
When travelers publicly comment - good or bad - on their stay at any hotel or resort, it is usually about the food, the service, the accommodations, or the cleanliness. At Kerzner's 5-Star Mazagan Resort & Casino  near Casablanca Morrocco, many guests actually found the observable SECURITY measures worthy of their public praise! Starting during the facility's early design, Michael Minieri worked closely with the planning team to develop and execute a security strategy that emphasized efficacy, esthetics, the guest experience and potential threat risks both of the day, and in the future. The concept included - among other things - concealing some security elements within the extensive, lush landscaping. It also allows the security posture to adjust almost instantaneously as needed. Here are just a few excerpts from GUEST COMMENTS and REVIEWS found on such sites as Trip Advisor® and Expedia® and others, that any hospitality executive would be very proud to hear......and any Professional Security Consultant !
  • "Security was excellent, and I was very pleased to have chosen this hotel."
  • "...Security very impressive..."

  • "A positive aspect of this hotel is the level of security ..."

  • "Security is very tight"

  • " is tight but (even) with a small child I think that it works very well..."

  • "There is tight security around and within the complex"

  • "...Staff very friendly and helpful with good security all over the place..."

  • "...Security is tight at Mazagan..."

  • "Great Service, Security and Food"

  • "Security ... did make me feel secure"

  • "The resort itself is very nice and security upon arriving is very tight ... They have a security 'ring of fire' around the hotel..."

  • " is tight to say the least"

  • "...with so many security staff on duty we felt ultra safe! "

  • "... even the security staff have a smile and (are) only to keen to help you."

  • "...If you are worried about security in Morocco don't be, this hotel has security everywhere."

  • "You would think we are at the White house with the amount of security they had on staff!"

  • "...a high level of security around the entire resort"

  • " ...the hotel takes every precaution to ensure the security of its (sometimes high profile) guests."

  • "I had been a little concerned about travelling to North Africa in light of terror attacks around the world, but security at the resort was tight... I felt very safe."

Mazagan Website


of a High-End Hotel 

When a well known, "Western Branded" international hotel was one of 3 hotels attacked by terrorists in Amman Jordan, Michael Minieri was on-site within days of the bombing at the request of the chain's top corporate executives. His immediate task was to develop and oversee implementation of interim security measures to allow the hotel to reopen promptly under the heightened threat conditions. Clearly this new client liked the results! Subsequently, Mr. Minieri served as Project Manager and was intimately involved in a comprehensive project to help the chain meet their new objective of becoming the global hospitality industry leader in setting the highest security standards for all of its 100+ global locations. Photo is of one of the ACTUAL bombers who's detonator malfunctioned (unfortunately, several others did detonate!)

For Phase 1, Michael worked directly with top corporate executives and was the principal author and Project Manager in developing an extremely comprehensive document establishing the chain's global security policies, standards and guidelines in great detail. This all encompassing set of requirements had to set a very  high standard for security measures and practices yet be flexible enough to address the varying needs of hotels of all sizes and in locations posing different levels of potential threat. Research was conducted to determine geopolitical threat risk profiles for terrorism and for crime, in each property's market. Minieri developed a strategy where each hotel was designated into one of 3 pre-defined threat levels with a total of 6 pre-defined risk categories (3 for "crime" and 3 for "terrorism"). The strategy included a criteria for the 3 levels and for periodically re-evaluating the designations in order to meet changing threats. The Security Policies, Standards and Guidelines (PSG) document was written to address specific requirements based upon the category assigned to each hotel at the start.

In Phase 2, Michael Minieri  and his team field tested the policy document as well as a custom site assessment protocol at a sampling of international hotels. He and a small team of others used this experience to refine the document and roll-out the new policy, conduct consistent on-site security assessments at all the international hotels, assist local staff in migrating to the new policy and produce detailed, uniform reports with recommendations. In total, more than 100 hotels were assessed worldwide. Additionally, Mr. Minieri personally performed a comprehensive set of services for owners, design teams and developers of NEW hotels in numerous worldwide locations and personally conducted assessments at more than a dozen global locations.

140+ Security Assessments for
 Nigeria's National Oil Company
OPEC member Nigeria relies very heavily on its oil reserves to fuel the nation's economy, but faces some very difficult security challenges throughout the country. The State owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) commissioned 3 Nigerian contract companies to assess security at more than 140 locations nationwide and provide an implementation plan for the recommendations - all within a limited time period. Minieri Associates International Security Consultants was brought in as the Lead Consultant for this team. MA developed an extensive array of custom security assessment "tools", field tested the tools on a sampling of facility types,  and conducted formal training for all assessors and the client's project staff. The programmatic planning, preparation and mobilization was focused on consistency, usability, manageability, time efficiency, Global Best Practices and World Class quality deliverables and results. This project marks Mr. Minieri's 4th engagement involving more than 100 site assessments for a single client enterprise.. (more details in the PRESS RELEASE)